Is Your Teenager Depressed

Is Your Teenager Depressed?

Counseling for Your Teenager Experiencing

When reflecting on being a teenager, I think of very happy times. Hanging out with friends, going to school games, and just having fun were all things that I
lived to do. But what happens when your teenager doesn’t have any interest in
doing these things? What’s going on when they withdraw from regular “teen
activities” and they are just not interested in having fun with friends? Could
they be experiencing depression?   Yes, it is possible that your teen is experiencing some type of depression.

While it is natural for teens to feel sad at times or to even be disappointed with
many situations, being depressed is significantly different.  Depression greatly affects your overall well-being.  Instead of just being sad for a brief time, you may experience overwhelming sadness and despair for significantly longer periods of time.  To better understand what your teen is going through, it is important to know the signs of depression.

Signs of Depression in Teenagers

  •  Withdrawal from friends and family
  •  Loss of interest in activities
  •  Anger or irritability
  •  Lack of energy and enthusiasm
  •  Feelings of worthlessness
  •  Changes in sleeping and eating habits
  •  Thoughts of suicide

Depression in teens can lead to some very unhealthy behaviors.  Depression left untreated can have some very negative effects.  The behaviors listed
below are more indicators that your teen may be experiencing depression and
acting out because of it.

Depression in Teenagers Can Have These Effects

  • Running away
  • Substance abuse
  • Problems in school
  • Violence

If your teen has been exhibiting these signs, consider the help of a professional
counselor.  Counseling for your teen experiencing depression can give you the support you need to understand what is happening.  Through counseling your teen can also learn how to cope with depression and begin feeling better and making better choices.


NewVision Counseling of Charlotte provides counseling for teenagers who may be experiencing depression.



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